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Windows 8 Release Preview date implies November 2012 release

Posted by Terry Moore
Terry Moore
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on Tuesday, 08 May 2012
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As noted previously, the Windows 8 Release Preview will be out first week of June.  It appears that this is, in effect, the release candidate. For Windows 7, there was a five month delay from release candidate to final release (May to October, 2009). This suggests that Windows 8 will be released by November.

If you've been waiting to update your drivers, or to start testing on Windows 8, it's time to get started. The conversion is not terribly hard; the biggest issue, if you have a large collection of drivers, is the change in the build system (from makefile-based to msbuild.exe based -- basically XML-controlled builds). Microsoft ships a tool to convert things, but it's somewhat incomplete; and if your automation depends on the structure of the build tree, you'll probably have to fix things up. ( processing is particularly troublesome.) In some ways, the new scheme is a step backward, because it's not as mature as build.exe; so some of the things that used to be possible (but difficult) from inside the old framework are now much more difficult (or impossible) in the new framework.

I'm looking forward to Windows 8; though I'm kind of bummed out that Microsoft is not going to support a DDK for WinRT (formerly Windows on Arm). There are lots of interesting things that one could do with a WinRT tablet that are not as easy if you have to live in user mode -- there are no TAP drivers in WinRT, as far as I know, and there's no general PTY mechanism; I guess I'll just have to wait for some kind of tablet running an x86-architecture CPU.

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Mobile DiiVA uses Micro-USB Connector

Posted by Terry Moore
Terry Moore
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on Thursday, 08 December 2011
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This is not really USB, but it's using a USB connector. From Interconnection World:

Low pin-count mobile interface extension added to DiiVA specification for unified AV, data, charging power connectivity

According to the article:

The micro-DiiVA receptacle is compatible with micro-USB plugs so devices employing DiiVA can be multi-purposed for both USB and DiiVA functionality.

This raises a number of interesting possibilities, and also a number of interesting questions.

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