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FTDI Chip announces technology partnership with MCCI Corporation

Posted by Terry Moore
Terry Moore
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on Tuesday, 26 August 2014
in TrueTask USB

Everyone doing USB knows FTDI Chip - one of the pioneers in USB peripheral silicon -- USB serial adapters, USB to SPI, USB to FIFO, and so forth.

MCCI is therefore very honored to have been selected by FTDI Chip to support the USB host portions of their FT900 MCU product line.

As the CEO of the company, sometimes I get the nasty jobs, but sometimes I get the fun ones. I've been working with the FT900, porting MCCI's Os/None environment to the FT900, and bringing up our EHCI stack. It's really been great fun. I started programming in assembly language in 1970 or so, and I've done system software for everything from 12-bit avionics computers to modern 64-bit systems. It's been a pleasure to do the low-level assembly-language work for the FT900 -- despite being a RISC machine, it's a pleasure to program. It's been fun figuring out how to take maximum advantage of the Harvard architecture from MCCI's portable code base, without making major changes; I'm pretty happy with the results so far.

I don't want to steal FTDI Chip's thunder -- for more info you can look at their MCU page -- but I think a lot of designers who are used to working on the bare iron will fall in love with this device. It is not a general purpose CPU, but it takes all the features from general purpose CPUs that make them more pleasant to program than the MCUs of the 80s and 90s, without the overhead that comes with trying to re-purpose a general-purpose CPU for MCU purposes.

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