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Posted by Terry Moore
Terry Moore
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on Wednesday, 21 May 2014
in MCCI USB Connection Exerciser

I did a quick video demo of the MCCI USB Connection Exerciser — well, not so quick, it's 6 minutes long. Just about enough time for a cup of coffee.  (For more info, go to the MCCI USB Connection Exerciser page on our website.)

A few things I left out (or which at least could be more clear):

  • The support software allows you to connect many Connection Exercisers to a single test host. Recently we've been selling the Connection Exerciser in lots of 8 or 9 at a time, for test use.
  • The Connection Exerciser is great for low speed, full speed, high speed, and super speed devices.
  • It's not just for testing drivers. Firmware also gets stressed by repeated enumerations, especially enumerations at various speeds.
  • If you pop the lid off, there are a number of jumpers that allow you to do additional hacking.
  • Source code for the firmware is available under NDA.

OK — so what did we leave out?

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