MCCI's UASP and BOT Drivers

Posted by Terry Moore
Terry Moore
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on Wednesday, 30 November 2011
in ExpressDisk BOT

Eric Huang's To USB or Not To USB recently focused on UASP, BOT, and how Asus's USB 3.0 Boost UASP improves the performance of USB 3.0 mass storage devices (both with UASP and with traditional BOT). 

Asus reports that Turbo Mode with USB 3.0 reduces a 137-second operation to 107 seconds, and that UASP reduces the same operation to 75 seconds.  I calculate 27% and 83% transfer rate improvements, respectively

MCCI developed and licenses the UASP driver, the Turbo Mode driver, and the switching technology that allows transparent switching among UASP, Turbo Mode, and normal (fully compatible) mode.  The UASP driver takes advantage of MCCI's Abstract Stream API (described here, available for download here) to get maximum performance from any USB 3.0 host stack that supports the API.  (Of course, MCCI's USB 3.0 host stack for Windows supports the API.)

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