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Standardizing LTE modems for IoT

Posted by Terry Moore
Terry Moore
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on Wednesday, 06 May 2015 in MBIM

The Ikanos announcement today (D-Link Selects the Ikanos Vx500 Fusiv Processor Family for Its Next-Generation of LTE Routers and Gateways) was doubly significant to me, because they're using the MBIM USB standard for communications between the embedded SoC and the modem. I chair the MBIM committee; it's great to see this work being applied outside the PC world.

I recently (well, back in January) did a presentation for the Wireless Technology Association (formerly PCCA) on using the MBIM spec as part of a strategy for adding LTE support to IoT devices. The announcement reminded me that I ought to post the presentation, so... here it is: Standardizing LTE modems for IoT. The presentation covers the underlying economics, the relevant standards, current status, and next steps, with a particular emphasis on USB standardization.

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